Saturday, June 03, 2006

Batterson's 7 Steps to Sermon Branding™ pastor Mark Batterson lists seven steps for branding your sermons here.

Briefly, they are:

1. "Come up with a series title" -- Rick Warren is one of the best at this; Also check out's Ed Young
2. "Create a series logo" -- I did this for my church, see a sample here.
3. "Design a series evite and invite" -- An evite is an electronic invitation via email
4. "Brainstorm Big Ideas"
5. "Shoot a Series Trailer™" --'s Craig Groeschell does this really well
6. "Add Sermon Props" -- Mars Hills pastor Rob Bell is reknown for this; he loves interactivity and wants the congregation to experience Scripture and the sermon, even handing out Play-Do for a message
7. "Add Sermon Staging" -- One church in Kansas City I visited installed real grass and built a mini-house structure for their "Home Improvement" series.

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