Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beeson's 6 Steps for Designing a Worship Service

Pastor Mark Beeson of Granger Community Church gives six steps for designing a worship service, including planning, communicating, promoting ... it's all here and more.

In the article, he gives you their outline of the planning process, a series outline, a promotional postcard they did for their "Lost" series, and great video clips showing them doing it all.

I appreciated these quotes:

  • "Our churches aren't trying to create some new thing. When we innovate, we're simply coming back to the same source, the same Jesus, and we're drinking that water."

  • "The Arts Team should share the mission, vision, and values of the senior leaders."

  • Re: promotional postcards: "We mail the cards to neighbors one week in advance. Our congregation receives the cards in the bulletin, and they invite other people." I really like the idea of giving the postcards to your congregation in the bulletin!

  • "If you let people know what you're trying to do, let them use their time and talents for the cause, and give them enough lead time, they can do it."

  • "I've learned to hand the ball to people. Give them parameters and get out of their way. You don't want under-challenged leaders. If you let them serve without you, you'll be amazed how far they can go." Refreshing!

  • "When you lift up Jesus, people will be drawn to him and want to help because they love him."

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