Monday, July 03, 2006

Capitalize on Your Strengths

Over the weekend, I bought "Now, Discover Your Strengths," the best-selling book based on a huge research project by Gallup.

It was incredibly enlightening as well as confirming to say the least.

I've taken the Myers-Briggs test (one of my favorites) and others, but this one rocks. It focuses on your strengths rather than your weaknesses (obviously).

The premise is: All of us have a core set of strenghts -- things we consistently excel at -- and we should therefore major on those things. These are also the areas you derive the most satisfaction from.

The authors tell us we should find opportunities that play to our strengths, that allow you to focus on the things you do excellently without much effort.

I found my top five strengths were:

  • Learner -- why I have 8 books on my nightstand and five others around the house, and constantly have to be reading something
  • Individualization -- recognizing others strengths
  • Maximizer -- taking good to great
  • Futuristic -- vision casting; seeing "over the horizon"
  • Intellection -- always thinking

    Here are some other links:

  • The author -- good audio and video clips, along with free PDF downloads
  • Gallup's Book Center for "Discover Your Strength -- more free articles

    Amazon has the book for $18 ... it includes a serial number in the book cover for the online test. It takes about 40 minutes and you have a report ready for you at the end detailing your top five strengths.

    If you buy it and take the test, please share your strengths with me (and us)!

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