Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Photo Releases?

Hey, anybody know anything about using photos of members and kids in your printed and online materials?

This question keeps popping up for me ... thanks!


Blogger jenn_anthony said...

I don't know about any legalities regarding that, but we have photo releases signed through our children and youth departments, as well as our schools. We don't have releases for our adult members, but don't usually use their photos anyway. A copy of our photo release can be downloaded under the "files" section of the KC Communicators Webgroup.

I often receive comments (from members and leadership) that we should use more photos of our members and fewer stock photos in our materials. While there is a certain level of authenticity related to that, I have several concerns. First, memberships change. It doesn't seem to be good stewardship to me to use members who may leave. If that happens, we're stuck with a redesign. Second, I have concerns about making any of our members "poster children" for our ministries. Using members' photos requires a certain level of favoritism that I'm uncomfortable with. For these reasons, I'm still holding my guns that stock photography is the way to go.

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Anonymous Stacey Hamby said...

The "member photos vs. stock photos" question has been raised time and again for us, too. We do a combination of both, depending on the project requested. For some pieces, such as brochures and banners and billboards, we rely on stock photography, but for others -- particularly for children and youth -- we have used many of our own.

For example, we wanted to "liven up" the halls in our Kids Connection area, so we used some of our best photos of kids taken at some of our activities, blew them up to poster size and framed them on the walls. We'll change them at least once a year and possibly twice to keep up with how fast kids change! The feedback has been positive.

Photo releases
For children's photos, we have incorporated wording into registration sheets that says something to the effect of "I give permission for my child's image to be used in any publicity or promotion for Pleasant Valley Baptist Church." We put this on Awana and Upward Sports and youth camp registration forms. That way, we have their consent and don't have to try to go back later and identify each child and track down their parents for permission, and we don't have to have a separate piece of paper for a photo release.

For events that don't require registration, for example, if we're taking photos in our weekend children's classes or at a fall costume party, we prominently post signs all over the area and at the doors notifying parents that their children are being photographed or videotaped and their child's participation in the event is the parent's permission for us to use their child's image. If it's a children's class, the parents can notify the teacher if they have an objection.

We do not have adults sign any kind of photo release.

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