Friday, July 28, 2006

Surveys: The Village's Comm. and First Impressions Survey Links

After listening to audio from an awesome conference session brought by Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Highland Village, Texas, I checked out his church's Web site ...

Here are some things I really liked about their site and am thinking about phasing here in my church:

  • First Impressions survey -- I'd love to see what comments they get from this
  • Communications Survey/Audit -- I REALLY like this, and again, would love to see their comments
  • Article submissions -- I've been reluctant to do this, but I like the article in theory at least


    P.S. -- I REALLY appreciate the great feedback from the "photo releases" post. Check out the comments if you haven't had a chance.

    My hope is that this blog becomes a resource and conversation for those of us struggling to define the "communications director" position in our churches.

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