Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Communicating Who You Are

I love how Asbury Methodist in Tulsa -- one of the fastest growing churches in 2006 -- communicates who they are to a watching world in a page titled "Characteristics of a Methodist."

This type of communication tells their site guests who they are and battles against stereotypes. You don't have to guess who they are, or how they want to be known in their community.

Here are their ten "characteristics":

"A Methodist is a person who:

1. has the love of God shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Ghost.
2. is happy in God.
3. has the hope of everlasting life.
4. prays without ceasing.
5. shows his love for God by loving his neighbors.
6. seeks only to do God’s will.
7. manifests the fruit of the Spirit.
8. keeps the commandments.
9. never lives without accountability.
10. does good to all men."
Here's what I, as a guest, glean from this:

  • "Love" or "loving" is mentioned three times -- they want me to know they love me and give love; I would guess I'd also be freely accepted at Asbury
  • "Happy in God" is No. 2 -- They are "happy" Christians, bucking a popular stereotype; I'm guessing I'm not going to get frowned at when I walk in the door
  • I sense warmness and a welcoming environment as they do "good to all men"

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