Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What's in Your Wallet? What's in Your Wallet? What's in Your Wallet?

My husband and I have collectively decided that Capitol One is beating a dead horse. Though I think the "What's in Your Wallet?" tagline is still pretty effective, their viking warrior advertising campaign is wearing thin with us. Where else can they really go with this idea? In fact, we're so tired of those commercials that we actually switch the channel when they come on.

I was speaking with our advertising agency last month and our discussion detoured slightly to the value of repetition. Message repetition is critical in any campaign, particularly as it relates to branding. Each of the different mediums have their own statistics. We were speaking of radio spots, which she indicated requires three hits before a message registers with a listener, and that it takes 25 spots rotating for you to catch that listener and achieve just one of those hits. That's a campaign of at least 75 spots just to get your message to stick. Necessary repetition.

I'm trying to figure out the balance between necessary repetition that values a campaign, and excessive repetition that outlives its effectiveness. How long do you run the same tagline? How long should you run the same campaign? How often should you reinvent your image or redesign your logo?

There is a tipping point, I'm just not sure where it is.

First Baptist Raytown's tagline is "Discover a life worth living." We've been using it in some form for about five years. It first started out as just "Life worth living," and then transitioned into a more active tense. I think it has worked well with our branding. Whenever we use the logo, do a tv spot, print a brochure, the tagline is on it; but, I am beginning to consider whether it's time for something fresh.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. Almost as important as actively pursuing it is knowing when to call it quits.


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