Friday, September 01, 2006

Church Bulletin Samples

Here are the Sunday Bulletins I have received from other churches to post on the Church Communications Blog:

  • Pleasant Valley Baptist Church (Liberty, Mo.) -- PVBC's is a booklet. According to Nicole, a generous donor prints them each week.
  • Quail Springs Baptist Church (OKC) -- Mine. We're doing color for a new sermon series. It's not always full color.
  • New Hope ( Lorton, Va.) -- Here, here, and here. Good stuff! Sent by David Schleyer. Church Web site here.
  • First Baptist Raytown (Raytown, Mo.) -- Jennifer Anthony's church. They call it the Advance -- One Side (jpg) and the Other.

    ADD YOURS TO THE LIST: Email with a PDF attached ... please keep the file size relatively small (for screen viewing) to save bandwidth. Thanks!

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